Wednesday, February 01, 2012

February Confessions

It's February right? Now I can do a new set of confessions. It's a bit early for it I know, and I may have more to add, but I think I'm going to go for it. 

1. This "Lion King Surrey" joke going around is kind of bugging me. Typically I wouldn't want to give a "reaction" because the angry reaction just makes you look silly. But here's the deal - to me it seems like the lowest level of humor joke, like "oh Surrey sucks" - as if this is a joke we've never heard before. I just think - Surrey isn't so bad, and you can do better than this kind of joke. Reach a little higher. Come on. 

2. I am starting to have "Driving to White Rock" resentment. I never thought it would happen, because I love White Rock so much. But this week for example, I've had to drive there every night and it's kind of starting to irritate me. It used to be the other way around and I resented driving to Langley, but I'm afraid the switch might be occurring. I'm always happy when I get there though, so maybe I'll just try to remember that on the drives.

3. I think it's time for me to break up with U2. Yeah, I said it. I think it's over between us. We had a good 15 years together but I think it's time. When songs come on the radio, I switch them off. They used to be my first answer to "my favourite band", but I'm not sure they are even on the list. I hope this doesn't make me pretentious. It's just crept up on me and I can't deny it anymore.  

 4. One of the reasons I like house hunting is because you get to peek into other people's homes. That's kind of weird right? Or is this true for everyone? I sort of like thinking about who lives there, why they would have chose that sofa, or that colour for the wall. It's like this strange little insight into how people live, and I kind of like imagining their lives. This is either really creepy or a great inspiration for a book of short stories. 

5. I like reading Bestsellers. I'm reading one right now, and really liking it. It's true - probably the last 5 books I have read have been Bestsellers. And sure, they got to be bestsellers for a reason, they're pretty addicting to read. But something about it makes me feel kind of cheap, like I should return to my English major roots and started reading something of "substance". But then I remember - that's just being pretentious and I go back to reading what I want. 

There you have it - the first round of February confessions. I guess they're more statements than confessions, but it's a way to collect some random thoughts together anyway, and isn't that pretty much what blogging is? 


Megan said...

looking at other people's houses was one of my favourite parts of house hunting! As a kid, whenever we'd go to a new hotel/condo on holiday I would race around looking in every room quickly b/c I was so excited to be somewhere new. I took it a bit slower when we were house hunting, but still had the same feeling inside:) I still say to Josh when we are walking or driving by different homes that I wish I could see inside. It's not weird Sharelle. At least I don't think so:)

Bec Shulba said...

i hear you on the driving to white rock resentment...mine is more "driving everywhere because nothing i do is in abbotsford" resentment...but similar.

Spiro said...

we have the same lion king joke- but it's about yakima.

Spiro said...

we have the same lion king joke- but it's about yakima.

theRachel said...

I love your confessions posts. What book are you reading right now?

BriannaCarson said...

I also love looking in people's houses. When I lived in an apartment building, I would try to look in the lower windows of people's places. My husband hated it, but whatever! As long as no one's naked it's fine.