Saturday, February 11, 2012

Film Review: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

I know - film review is a bit of stretch, but it's for the sake of categorization. I could probably write a whole post just on that poster - I mean look at it, the hood, the smoke...but I digress. I think this is going to be less of a review, and more just a series of observations. Here we go. 

1. Have you ever noticed how crazy Tom Cruise looks when he runs? I've thought it looked a little funny before, but in this movie it's a whole new level of hilarity. Honestly, I think it's worth going to see this movie just to see this running. It's like something stuck up the back of his pants.  

2. It seems that we've caught up to the technology of Mission Impossible. Remember when the agents had all these cool gadgets and your mind reeled with possibility? Well now they have iphones and ipads, and we have those too. A countdown clock on an iphone? Really? You can do better guys. 

3. "Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It" - I also loved this when I first heard it, but when you think about it - it's kind of silly right? What are you going to do? Say no? I know it's from the original TV show and all, but let's all just admit, it's pretty ridiculous. And of course they had to say it about 10 times in this movie to remind us we were watching Mission Impossible. 

4. I love Simon Pegg. Maybe it's because he's British, or because he's in Hot Fuzz, but I really love that guy. I'm glad he was in this movie to provide some good non-Tom moments. 

5. Tom Cruise is just too weird. I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt and try to forget how weird he was for 2 hours. But I couldn't do it. He strutted around in white jeans. His hair was straight out of the 90's - all colored and flowing. It all felt so "try hard". And this is coming from someone who really loved him back in the day - I remember thinking I would love him forever when he rode into the sunset on that motorbike, but alas, his weirdness is just too obvious now to overlook.

Summation: it's a decent "action movie" for your money. All the things you'd expect - hanging off buildings, fast cars, explosions. And hey, those things are pretty fun. But depending on how you feel about Tom - it is kind of a distraction. In spite of the criticisms above, I did like it - and it provided some excellent joke material on the ride home. And let's face it, sometimes that's the most entertaining of all. 


Bec Shulba said...

rosie o'donnell's infatuation with tom cruise back in the day should have been heads up to us all that he must be a weird guy. haha. love these observations.

Jenny Childers said...

This is such a great 'bad movie' review. It's true...sometimes bad movies make for the best (funniest) discussions.

christy said...

nice. i haven't seen this but now i want to.

first of all, yes tom runs so weird! i kind of love it. it makes me laugh.

second of all, i was in a no-tom-cruise mode for quite a while (i could not bring myself to watch his movies for years after the whole jumping on the couch on oprah incident)... until i saw Knight & Day. i don't know why but i just love that movie. i think tom is perfect for the extremely exaggerated, obviously-over-the-top action film genre.

LVD said...

the last cougar town episode did a bit on Tom Cruise's run style, it was amazing - you are so right.

LVD said...

the last cougar town episode did a bit on Tom Cruise's run style, it was amazing - you are so right.