Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January Confessions

Inspired by a friend's blogged January confessions, I figured I'd do some of my own:

1. I've watched the last scene of the final "Sherlock" episode 4 times already. And it makes me tear up every time.

2. I've been on a low-carb, low-sugar diet now for 2 weeks and the thing I can't stop thinking about is Cinnamon. So I've maybe had a few Cinnamon Swirl cookies along the way. 

3. After watching The Descendants and The Golden Globes in the same weekend, I think I can safely say that my love for George Clooney is as strong as ever.

4. I've joined a Yoga class, and I find myself looking around most of the time wondering if they are all hippies.

5. I don't like Italy. There, I came out and said it. I know it's not really connected to January, but the cruise ship incident has made me think of that country often. And it's true. The police are mean, people steal things from tourists and the food is overrated. 

6. Since joining Pinterest a week ago, I've checked the boards about 5 times a day. I am totally addicted. As a result, I've also been thinking a lot about crafting. This is unprecedented. 

7. I still watch Glee. And Will's proposal this week may have brought a tear to my eye. 

8. We got the Telus guy to come fix our internet, because it needed to be faster to use our hacked program (Plex) on the Apple TV. We didn't tell him that though. 

9. We just cleaned the Lazy Suzan cupboard in our kitchen for the first time since Matt moved here 2 years ago. 

10. Matt & I have been devising a plan for 3 weeks on how to move the abandoned vehicle parked next to me in our parkade. We're thinking of pushing out in front of the fire hydrant. Any help you'd like to offer would be great. Any takers? Ha. 

And that's it I think. I know - they could have been a bit "juicier". I'll work on it for next month.


theRachel said...

Was there anything exciting in the Lazy Susan cupboard?

BriannaCarson said...

You're super great. Also, #4 made me laugh out loud.