Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day 25 in "30 Days of Blogging"

Day 25: what would we find in your bag

1.Altoids - Matt has convinced me that Peppermint can cure many ailments, so I always like to have it on hand now

2. Moleskine Journal - I like smaller size with the elastic on the side, no other journal has really ever compared.

3. Vanilla Frosting Lipsmackers - been going strong with this flavor for a good 12 years

4. Coupons - this one feels a little silly to admit, but I usually have a good number clipped out, and saved in my purse for when the occasion arises. It's just such a satisfying thing when you pay less for something you were going to buy anyway.

5. Pens - I love having a good assortment of pens in my bag. It's pretty much a panic situation if I need to write something down and I haven't got one in there. Right now, I am loving the "Seven Year Pen" that I got as a gift from my friend Aimee.

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