Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Best of the British Oldies"

Thanks Ashley for the "Promo Pic"

Two weeks ago, Lavonne and I went to Water Running at South Surrey Pool. As we walked in, the front desk lady shouted "are you my aquasizers?" and enlisted us for a special event that was coming up in a few weeks from then. She didn't have a hard time - we had seen the poster on the way in and we already were sold.

So tonight (along with the lovely Ashley Gagnon) we went to "Candelight Aquasize" at South Surrey Pool. But better than that, it was "Best of the British Oldies". We walked in to see British flags everywhere, Beatles posters, British collages, and blue, white and red balloon clusters. Inside, there were giant balloon arcs, and tiny candles lining the pool. The pool was packed with at least 50 people of surprisingly varied ages. Before it started there was spontaneous cheering.

The instructors were super keen - wearing themed t-shirts, and jumping around. There was an excellent compilation that included the Zeps, the Beatles, the Ramones. At one point, one of the instructors came to the edge of the pool in a trenchcoat. It "suddenly" came off, and she was in this crazy nude colored swimsuit. She wrapped herself in the flag, and strutted around the pool. Drama even!

I just love thinking of all the staff at the local pool blowing up balloons, cutting out flags and creating little dramas for a night like this. And I love that people go for it - get involved and sing along, dance around in a pool and generally just make fools of themselves. There are few places these days without irony or cynicism, just pure enthusiasm. It's nice to find them sometimes.

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theRachel said...

WOW! Epic event, indeed. Sounds like a ton of fun. I laughed out loud when reading about the instructor/trench coat/nude suit/flag thing - hilarious!