Monday, August 13, 2007

T - 6 days.

I am trying desperately to think of something clever to say. It really has been far too long. I promise I have been doing wonderful things, well sort of. I have been mostly working and doing homework. But I have sneaked in a few weddings, showers, stagettes and other general wedding mayham.
To be honest, this is mostly a test blog. I am sending this from my email to "try it out" for my Europe trip. Yes, my Europe trip. I defenitely leave in 5 days (August 19th). This is both exciting and frightening all at the same time. Today I submitted a paper for my summer class. To finally be done that is a huge relief. Now I am trying to get everything together for Sunday (while working everyday). So it should be...interesting. But how can I be complaining right? I am going to Europe!
In an effort to revive this silly post, which mentions almost nothing and involves no great pictures, I tell you this - I WILL be posting Europe stories here. Now don't expect pictures - because I think the chances of me getting those up in Europe are low. But do expect silly tales of adventure. I was going to start a travel blog, but I just don't have we'll stick with what we know. Come back soon for Europe adventures...


Bec Shulba said...

oh, you may not think this blog says anything...but it tells us more than you know...(ominous laugh)

Rachel said...

have heaps of fun!

PS - I'm not sure who this "bec shulba" is, but that is a pretty creepy comment she left you, eh?