Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bourne Movie #4: The Trip to Praha

We are safe and sound in Prague...barely.

Now I wish that were entirely a joke but it isn't. Here is the skinny of what happened today. We missed our bus in the morning so we ended up running, yes literally running for the train to Prague from Berlin. Picture us in flip flops, huge packs running through train station. Once safely on the train, we breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed for a couple of hours. As we arrived at our destination we had some confusion about the stop. See, in the past couple of cities there has been two stops in major cities. One is the main train station, and the other a little station. We wanted to get to the main one, so we didnt get off. I know this seems odd, but almost all trains stop at both. In any case, this train didnt, which we realized about two seconds too late.

So there we were on the train going past Prague and wondering how to get back. We end up having to buy a return ticket from the next tiny town. This turns into its own adventure as we get off thre train in Kolin. We go into the shop and start doing the conversion on the prices. And they are soooo cheap. You know those Eastern European stories you hear, where people become gluttons - well that was us. We start throwing choclate bars, ice cream, pop, chips, candy, and other random items on the counter. And the funniest part, Brenda is leading the show, saying "get it" because its so cheap. The lady ends ups laughing at us and giving a bag for ALL our stuff. So silly, so North American. But wonderful.

So now were are headed back to Prague. We get to the station and are gathering our stuff to get off. Standing in the doorway the train begins to shut for leaving. Brenda says "no way" and I say "go". Brenda starts to leap off the platform and the trains begins to move. She falls onto the platform with the door hanging open, backpack hanging off. She is laying on the ground and I am freaking out. I manage to pull the bag off the door where it is caught and wonder if Brenda is ok. I get off at the next stop, hoping to find a way back. I go to the board to find a return train with no luck. The information man says the only way to get there is the subway. So I go find it and I am standing there, trying to determine if I should go or stay, angonizing over what to do when Brenda comes running up behind me. We just stood there for a minute hugging because I was shocked she was actually there. Brenda is doing okay, but she thinks a bruise on her leg is forming. I can't believe she is alright and we were reunited so quickly.

You might all be judging us right now for our poor travel skills, but I am telling you, these things happen and we had the presnce of mind to figure it out. We defintely did thank God for our safety. And we decided no more train jumping:) Today, someone at our hostel, upon hearing the story called Brenda "Jason Bourne". Pretty true. Keep praying for us, we will need them for safety. But I promise we are good travellers...really:) Love and miss you all. I said it once, and I will say it again, send email, probably to my hotmail right now, or both, because Gmail is being weird.

And once again, I promise, Brenda is fine. Not just Brenda fine, but really fine. That and Prague is beautiful, we are looking forward to seeing it tommorow. All is well.


Rachel said...

sharelle (and brenda!)-- these are some crazy stories...and cause me to yearn for my own adventure to Europe. Be safe, and enjoy every minute!

Angela Haugo said...

that is so nuts! I can't believe you found each other. Good survival instincts!