Friday, July 27, 2007

.symphony and summer.

As only a true blogging geek can, I was thinking about how to link these two sets of photos together when the obvious answer came to me: symphony of music and of light. For the sake of the blog, we must return to the titles of years past. And let's face it - "celebration of light" isn't a very good name anyway.

.symphony in the park.

Two weekends ago, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra did a free show in Deer Lake park. So we trudged out there, complete with cooler full of drinks, dinner, brie and red pepper jelly. No, we didn't mess around. This year, we roped in a few others: Lana, Brenda, Rick, Shaun, Jon and Katie. Heck, even my parents joined our blanket. It was the place to be. As always it was a wonderful event: listening to beautiful music as you stare up at that beautiful sky. It's hard to get any better than that.

.the symphony of light.
As it turns out, these weeks are getting quite busy as I try to finish off my course, plan for Europe, and attend weddings. I had this sudden fear I wouldn't be able to attend any of the fireworks. But Stef and Heather came through for me. Here's the thing: I just love the fireworks. I know its a hassle getting down there, finding a parking space, taking on the crowds and all of that. But when I am sitting there, experiencing the solidarity of the crowd all around me, I am taken in. All of the silly "fireworks madness" seems worth it - at least to me. I feel like a little kid, resisting every urge to yell "ooo" and "ahhh" as they go off in the sky. This time, we sat on Kits beach, thereby avoiding the downtown madness. It was a great call, we were many feet away from fellow sweaty bodies (I don't want that much solidarity). Not one, but two of our fellow fireworks attenders had radios out for clear reception. We ate candy, Heather took pictures with the new SLR, and life was good.

In all honesty, I think this post was just for myself, to proove that I am actually finding time to do fun things in the midst of my mental summer. But hey, at least I had pictures right?


lavonne said...

I am missing summer fun small (very small because really I am in Europe) tear is in my eye. On a bright note, last night in Sofia there were fireworks, I think they were for the football game, but who knows. Remember when we made that list of "things to do this summer"...add hanging out in London to it! Miss you and can't wait to see you.

chRistie said...

Hey! You!

I saw those fireworks too... but more from the Granville Island ish area. Good times Sharelle, good times.

And, ironically enough, I am venturing off to Deer Lake Park on Sunday to see The Fray.

Parallel lives. What fun. :)