Sunday, July 08, 2007

.true story.

i am sitting on matt's back porch.
through the trees i can hear a barbershop quartet.
no, it's not a radio, it's real men. i can hear them talking.
they are sitting on a porch rehearsing.
there is also some sort of harmonica (a tuning device?)
and their harmony is amazing.
they are singing "in the still of the night".
they are telling me they love me.
i couldn't be happier.

this is one of those summer moments you couldn't create if you tried.

i imagine they look like this:
except maybe with those amazing striped vest and hats. but i guess you don't wear those during rehearsal....


ang said...

that sounds great. More men should harmonize. How did working on your harmony become un-masculine? Our generation has lost something.

Lana said...

First off Sharelle, love your sense of humor. That story is great! Secondly, can you send me a copy of that picture from Megan's stag with you, mandy and me in it. Mine didn't turn out and yours is much better. You could just email it to me! Thanks,


P.S. Lets hang out - I like never see you anymore!