Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Passion on the stage...

Hence shall we see/
If power change purpose/
what our seemers be"
- Duke Vincentio
So last night I had the amazing pleasure of watching "Measure for Measure" at Bard on the Beach. Sometimes I forget how much I love this stuff, until I attend one of these events. Here we have the public, taking in Shakespeare on the backdrop of our beautiful city. With my life's passion on stage, I can't really help but be keen. But yesterday, there some wonderful surprises:

1. Dr Holly Nelson -
so pre-performance I am outside listening to the play introduction and I see one my despised professors across from me. So I am busy trying to avert my eyes, when I notice, that she is actually standing next to my favorite professor Holly Nelson. The craziest part is that Holly was my Shakespeare prof, and actually taught me Measure for Measure. I absolutely loved her challenging theories and passion. Its a large case of "I want to be you". To see her there was just perfect. Of course like a true keener, I went to chat with her a little, in the process scoring major academic points I hope. haha. A little bit of a dream sequence though - to have the one you dislike the most with the one you love the most. Random. I must say, it made me dislike the other prof a whole lot less, when I realized they must be friends.
2. Chatterbox Tuesdays - So I only remembered after already being there, that on Tuesdays, post performance, the actors and actresses come from and discuss the play with you! This was the most amazing thing. It was like the public was engaging in an upper level English class. Random people would pose questions about the interpretation of characters and meaning - including my friends! Then the actors would tell you who they believed their characters to be. Of course, as aforementioned, I was in a large state of keeness, so I posed a question, and even interjected at one point when I disagreed with a fellow patron. I know, I 'm crazy.
3. The Setting - The play was set in pre-war Europe in the 1930's. The characters had a sort of Nazi persuasion. It was very fitting, and made the rigid moral framework seem appropriate. There was an interesting blend of drama, history and literature. So basically right up my alley.

So, this is one of those exercises where keeping your expectations low might be a good thing, I was disappointed that Matt could not come, that this was a mental week, and just thinking I might bail on the whole idea. Then I go, and it was better than I could have imagined. It’s a pretty amazing thing, to feel and know your own passion. I am aware that is a gift, and I treasure it, especially on nights like that.


christy said...

wish i was there...

Steph B said...

So, I saw a production about 4 years ago of Measure for Measure. It was in Stratford and was performed by
the Royal Shakespeare was also set in 1930's, war era, Nazi, and whatnot. Very interesting. I hope the director knows his idea isn't so orginal. But, that is the theatre....its been around awhile.

Christie said...


I went to Bard in first year, but alas, I am clearly not in Vancouver right now. I DID see The Taming of the Shrew at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, which wasn't as big of a deal... but still good.

Who's excited for 19th century novel?


Christie said...

You are funny... and brilliant.

I am totally in for going to Bard with some other keeners. Back to school festivities are most certainly in order, especially for those of us who are unnaturally (?) keen. :)

I can't wait to be scholarly again. Ha. Let me know when you and other miscellaneous geeky types want to go to Bard. It will be a party.