Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why am I so Fortunate?

Sometimes I spend my life complaining about how I am not in Europe, and how things are lame. Then I realize I am so fortunate. Which I suppose is really obvious. In the past two days, two things happened that really drove this home:

one. my sister in law works at twu, so instead of getting completly shafted on my drop fees for (because we all know how much I suck at haggling) I got my all my money back and the course dropped.

two. today i got pulled over for driving too fast in a school zone (after coming from fake teaching at EMS....I am basically the worst human being on the planet) yet, to my suprise - it was the cop who Brenda and I made friends with about a month ago at Southpointe. What are the chances? So, even though I realized I was a complete idiot, I did not have to pay for a ticket.

See what I mean - fortunate. I have been bestowed with unbelievable grace in the midst of my obvious failures. So, I take this oppurtunity to say - I am grateful.


Bec Shulba said...

making friends with cops at southpoint, hey? that sounds like quite a little story...oh wait. was it a starbucks thing? that makes way more sense now.

check your other posts for delayed bec shulbd comments too.

Bec Shulba said...

oops...misspelled my own name.

Christie said...

You are a very fortunate woman, as am I. And hey, you listened too closely to Peg Peters because you say "human being" far too often. :)

Merton has left a bizarre, nagging feeling in my soul... I am filling that void with Rom Coms. Ahahaha. Rom Com. That's so funny. Its like Brangelina. Why is our society so lazy?