Thursday, June 08, 2006

Curses on Censorship...

I am having one of those moments, where you are just sitting there going "no way!". I am reading this book for a class on WWII. This story is about a village in France who harbored Jews after the German occupation of France, despite the obvious threat of death and much worse.

When the leader of the village is arrested and goes to a concentration camp, he encounters colorful individuals. So there is some "language" like 'damn', 'shit' etc. I bought this book used, and the person before me CENSORED it. They blacked out any "inappropriate" words with their pen. I am literally so angry. One time instead of 'shit' they literally wrote over top 'curses'. Un-freakin-believable. Seriously, who does that? Anyway - I am making it my personal mission to put the words back in.

Novel cencorship abslotuely kills me. Espeically in this scenario, where the words are in there for a reason. Does this person really think, that the message of the story will be lost, if people read a swear? Grrr. the nerve. Anyway, there is my rant for the day. Let the people unite for freedom of speech and of the press! So ironic, that I should find this in a novel about a war where freedom, liberty and life was sacraficed for "national interest". Is censoring for personal interest any better? Okay, now I promise, I am done.


christie said...

I agree. You know what I wrote my Phil paper on. Grr to censorship, ESPECIALLY in novels. It makes me quite angry as well, because really... if reading the word "shit" is going to cause you serious problems, you need to do something about YOU, not a book.

Leave it to TWU students to be super conservative and vandalize good books. I think I used to be more conservative... darn that Peg Peters. ;)


the tapered pant said...

i feel like there's a documentary about this village...annnd something to do with bonhoeffer. i realize that spelling was terrible.

Christie said...

Its me again.

I just wanted to congratulate you/us on completing the Merton essay. What a significant accomplishment. I am rewarding myself by watching mindless movies tonight.

And hey, thanks an uber lot (that phrase doesn't make sense, but you know what? I.DON'T.CARE.) for handing in my paper and being generally WONDERFUL all the time.

Anonymous said...

I think you're making a big deal about nothing! You obviously have identity problems yourself and are not a very proficient reader if you can't let something small like that go!

Sharelle said...

dear anon.

i have 3 things to say to you:

1. why are you ranting on my blog and then posting as anon. there is a line for your name. use it.
2. there is a possibilty that you read the post wrong - is this the case - are you FOR or AGAINST cencorship?
3. If the answer was FOR - the point is not the word "shit". I am a lit major - thats a proficient reader my friend. the point is the kind of person that cannot handle small swears in books needs to get over themselves.

i am now done. did you feel that rant coming?

Spiro said...

haha... i love lame comments from anons...

anyways. bonhoeffer? dealings in france... i'm not familiar with any of his work in france.

dariansgirl said...

i like anons comments! how random!? it actually made me laugh at loud both at the fact that you have identity issues...what? and then that you don't read enough...what?

actually just the other day i was thinking this and thought i should let you know, sharelle, you are not well read enough. ha!

no but seriously, and then your comments were awesome! poor anonymous blogger (obviously didn''t know you but was a ghost reader and may never be back...scaaarrryyy...boooooo...)