Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Bandwagon...

Well's official. I have jumped on the bandwagon. I do not promise anything particularly insightful or deep, just some thoughts maybe. And this way I can post on all blogs - even you jerks that only allow bloggers (ahh pretentiousness). Okay....more soon.


Kiki said...

AHHH! i am SO proud of you
shall i add you to my links? oh the wisdom, wit and wonder that shall sally forth from this post henceforth...i await with baited breath

Kristina said...

dear friend -

i've waiting for this moment in anticipation.
i'm glad you're in.

ps. do you want to join me in seattle on the weekend of July 15-17th? ((when mel will be there))
let me know.

love you,

ZoeBear said...

Sharelle! OH CANADA I miss thee! ;) nice car (ps I'm you have an awesome summer - I'll be working at Capernwray in August and SO excited about it. See you!!! Hugs Zo

Kathryn said...

IT"S ABOUT TIME! Welcome to the club.