Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's a Bird....It's a Plane....

"No...its just a flying man in tights". - random man in crowd.

Last week I rediscovered the joy of "lois & clark". I got a phone call from Beevers on my cell stating that yes, because of Teri Hatchers recent primetime success, they have released Lois & Clark on DVD. And the peasants rejoice.

So, what did I...the avid sold out fan do? I downloaded it. It's just a t.v. series guys...do they really need fifty dollars. Anyway, I have found all kinds of happiness in this show that I had completly forgotten about. Top 3 favourite scenes so far:

1. This is how they NAME the greatest superhero of all time. Picture Lois standing in the Newsroom looking up at Dean Cain saying "he's super...." in a dreamy voice.

2. After a montage of Clark's mom making him various superhero outfits (with Bonnie Tyler "Holding out for a Hero" playing in the background, he steps out is his super suit. His mom says: "well they wont be looking at your face". HIS MOM folks.

3. Dean Cain taking his glasses on and off...saying they wont recognize him because he will be "different". Whatever that means.

Tonight, I will watch as many episodes as possible with Jenny Beevers. My guess is, she will be dressed up.


Crista Santos said...

You crack me up Sharelle!!! I love the Superman series with Teri Hatcher... hook me up! (Not with Teri ~ just the Superman episodes will do thanks!)

Nevs said...

So maybe Teri doesn't need the $50 due to her prime time success, but perhaps Dean does...Ripply's believe it or not? Maybe Teri can hook him up with a role on Desperate Housewives (ex-lover perhaps?).

Kathryn said...

Hmm I was defiantely gonna ask you to make me some DVDs too, but now I feel guilty about Dean. I saw a pick of him in some magazine not that long ago, and sad to say... he looked fat.