Sunday, June 26, 2005

Zoom Zoom

the day has come. to say good-bye to the legend of pb (powder blue). i'll miss you pb, we had some good times together. A little trip down memory lane: "your dad" or "you're dead" etched into the trunk (no we never really knew), hitting it into neutral on the freeway, cruising the WR strip playing lame tunes. they were good days. the toyota treated me well.

and there it is my friends. a mazda3 GT GFX. yummy. and it's mine! hurrah! i cannot believe it is true. alas, it also does not have a clever name yet. but it will i promise you it will.


Trav said...

¡Hola SharelleyBELLY! ¿Cómo estás? You are sooo lucky for getting a new car!!! I WANT IT!! I love Mazda 3's and have wanted one ever since I worked at mazda! Anyways... ¡hasta luego!

Nevs said...

Eulogy to PB ("your dead/dad")
Well it has been a good ride, so many memories...where to begin? The afternoons in the high school parking lot jump starting your battery, or the times of the broken doors when we all climbed in through the back to get to the front. Perhaps the road trips and the sweet talking out of speeding tickets, or the rainy days driving around and playing Dawson's creek soundtrack. PB, it has been good.