Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Some Observations on Halloween....

Doing my best to get in the spirit, we went to carve pumpkins on Friday night. But of course, I didn't carve one. I never do. It's something about the knives I think.

I've never really liked Halloween. I'd say without hestitation it's my least favourite "holiday". In fact, I am not sure I'd even call it a holiday. I don't really like any of the things associated with it (costumes, spiders, zombies, scary movies).
Nevertheless, there are a few funny things this year I liked:

1. There was a man walking down the street in White Rock carrying a 24 pack of Corona...in a priest's collar. I thought to myself "that's funny" and then realized "he's walking to a party, it's Halloween". Might have been funnier if it was an actual priest but still, the image was pretty great.

2. Matt and I went to Canadian Tire on Sunday to cut a key for our condo. We push the buzzer and a kid shows up wearing a FULL Michael Jordan basketball ensemble - Jersey, Shorts, Sweatband, but then also massive headphones. He obviously worked there because he started cutting our key. The whole time I could not figure out why this kid was dressed this way. "Was he a stock boy, just coming out from the back to cut keys?" or what. Then it dawned on me for a second time, "oh it's Halloween". Funny thing was - same thing happened to Matt. Either that was the best costume ever, or the worst. I'm not sure.

3. Yesterday, Halloween mark downs were in effect. There was a giant plastic container of gummy spiders - so I bought them. It said $1.00 in big black marker, and for some reason I thought that was the best price ever (but it was bulk candy, so this is not likely true). I also almost bought 1/2 price chocolate bar boxes, but then I realized that if I bought 72 more mini chocolate bars, I would end up eating them all.

4. Whilst eating some of mini-chocolate bars today I thought to myself - why is it okay on Halloween to eat so much chocolate? There is no regular week where I would eat 1-2 full chocolate bars a day, but I eat like 6 mini ones. Odd.

So there you have it - even I can find some saving grace in Halloween. And of course, now we get Christmas. Oh yes.


theRachel said...

I love your random costume sightings. The priest with the beer - classic! Almost as good as a pregnant nun!

kate said...

A few things I like about this post:
1. That you dislike Halloween (me too!)
2. That Matt is wearing a The Who t-shirt in your picture.
3. That you use the word Whilst in everyday situations.

Happy end of Halloween to you, my kindred spirit.

christy said...

jenny & i saw a guy dressed as will ferrell in 'elf,' yellow tights & all. it looked just as crazy on the streets of chicago as it does in the movie. :)

Tyler said...

Oh come on, a chance for everyone to dress up silly and have a party... what's not to like?

No, not a holiday in the traditional sense (holy day), but a good time. In what other context would my family sit around the living-room floor on newspaper and carve giant gourds?

I'd say that perhaps the only thing that I don't enjoy about Halloween is the rather uncreative, vapid, and generally tasteless turn that costumes have taken within certain demographics: I'm sorry but seriously what kind of costume is a sexy zombie, sexy policewoman, sexy vampire, sexy nun, sexy... well you get the point.

Anyway, my vote is for giving Halloween a chance.

Lana Vug said...

Yeah for not carving the pumpkins! I never carve either - that's why I always cooked the pumpkin seeds instead. I'm so sad to miss out on the regular festivities! Instead this year, I bought a pumpkin and make puree with which I made pumpkin cake muffins with cream cheese icing.