Monday, February 08, 2010


I've blogged before on how much I love community solidarity. Let's just come out and say it - I like being part of the cheering crowd.

So today, everyone at Novacom packed up for half-an-hour and went to see the Olympic Torch pass through Cloverdale. I wore my Olympic mitts, and all of us paraded down the street with joy. It's not everyday you can get that much enthusiasm out of seven adults. The streets were packed all throughout Cloverdale, and people "cheered on the flame" when it passed.

And I think I'm going to go again tomorrow. (Southpoint 6:15 or Semihamoo Mall 6:36 if you're interested).

Moments like these are rare - where we all come together for something. The cynics might say that we should come together for something But I think this is a start.

Maybe you're an Olympic hater - or maybe you're an Olympic lover. I don't know. But I do know this - our city is about to have a big (free! well sort of) party, and you should come join me in it.

feb 12 - PPAC Opening Ceremonies

feb 13 - Bedouin Soundclash/Hey Ocean (Richmond Ozone)

feb 17 - Hawksley Workman (Richmond Ozone) OR Hot Hot Heat (Surrey Holland Park)

feb 19 - The Stars (The Orpheum)*

feb 20 - Hey Ocean/Said The Whale/Mother Mother (Holland Park Surrey) OR
Sam Roberts/The Arkells (Livecity Downtown)

feb 21 - Great Lake Swimmers (Ontario Pavilion)

feb 27 - Wintersleep/Tokyo Police Club/Hey Rosetta/You Say Party, We Say Die (Surrey Holland Park)

Check all the free concert listings yourself

Check out all the other free fun events
(Russian Tall-ships, Ziplines, Country-houses)

So are you convinced? Do you want to Olympic-party with me? Love it or hate it - those tax dollars are paying for it - so let's enjoy!

*only paid show in the list. all others are FREE!


Bec Shulba said...

i'm inspired to go to events but need a babysitter limits how many i will get to. we're hoping to get to the wilco concert on the 13th and totally want to get to great lake swimmers. good list. i like how olympic-lover you are.

theRachel said...

You would go to Bedouin over WILCO? Sharelle...let's re-think our priorities here. Wilco will come to Edmonton this Monday. I can't wait!

theRachel said...
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theRachel said...
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