Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Today was a good day for blogging....

Not for me necessarily for but for everyone else. Because I have this fantastic new "blog-roll" now, I can see who posted today, and I had a lovely read tonight.

I wish that I could add to this collective joy, and post something magnificent, but I don't know if I want to contend. So, when I fail to come up with good words myself, the inevitable conclusion is that I steal from someone else, or direct you to them, which I am about to do.

Nick Hornby from today's post entitled "My Waterstone's Writer's Table". It's a long list of book recommendations. But at the end, this wonderful diatribe about the books we love. Go read it. It's Nick Hornby in good form.

It can happen anywhere: a dinner table, a pub, a bus queue, a classroom, a bookshop. You have struck up a conversation with someone you don’t know, and you’re getting on OK, and then suddenly, without warning, you hear the five words that mean the relationship has no future beyond the time it takes to say them: “I think you’ll like it.” This phrase is presumptuous enough when used to refer to, say, a crisp flavour; if, however, you happen to be talking about books or films or music, then it is completely unforgivable, a social solecism on a par with bottom-pinching. You think I’ll like it, do you? Well, it has taken me over fifty years to get anywhere near an understanding of what I think I might like, and even then I get it wrong half the time, so what chance have you got?

And not to suggest that I am only talking about British writers, some other blogs that you should go read today.

Margaret: "And Now for Something Completely Different"
The Monty Python reference says it all. There is a quote from Winnie the Pooh. Great stuff.

Spiro: Lupe Ontiveros: "I've given every maid I've ever portrayed my soul and heart"
In classic Spiro style, she pulls out this fantastic quote, which makes you think and makes you smile. I might even say "heartwarming" but that might turn some away. Or it might take away from the great post that this is.

And maybe, if you know her, go click on Bec Shulba's blog. She might be mad I said that. But she kind of went for the gold with this one post. Just putting it out there.

Days like this convince me even further, that blog haters are just that - haters. Maybe the people who hate blogs and perceive them as mindless drivel don't have the kind of insightful friends that I do. (Did I just refer to Nick Hornby as my friend?) That is my conclusion.


Margaret said...

I bought a book by your friend Hornby today at my favorite used bookstore for only $6.53--About a Boy. Thought you might like to know. ;) After Winnie the Pooh though, next on my list is Harry Potter. So Hornby's going to have to wait a bit.

Sharelle said...

Harry Potter!!! So excited Marg. Welcome to the wonderful world.