Friday, June 27, 2008


I like to do a little rotation on the ol' blog. After I post a "thoughtful post", I like to post a little bit of nonsense, just to keep people like Bec happy. That way, I can't be accused by either camp of being too "artsy" or the opposite. (what is the opposite of artsy?)

So here we go:

Some sights that caught my eye this week and made me go "really"?!?

As I walked up to my car in the SFU parking lot, I glanced down at my tire and saw this perfectly outstretched piece of gum. I don't know why, but both Marissa and I had a pretty good little chuckle.
So, is the moral of the story to not spit our gum out in parking lots?
I don't know. It does look pretty cool.

The next day, I stumbled upon this little gem in the Peninsula Village parking lot.
Does this strike anyone else as extremely ironic?
An SUV advocating clean air!
I feel like a bike rider, or a scooter, or even a YARIS could have this plate.
This guy - not so much.
Do you think he is trying to be ironic?
I guess it's possible.
Only in White Rock.

(Side note: As I took the photo, I turned around to see someone walking straight at me. I was SO SURE it was the owner, about to ask me why the hell I was taking a photo of their vehicle, and then I would awkwardly explain. It wasn't the owner. Thank goodness.)

*Update: Brandon Drewlo (Mr. Car Trivia) has told me that this is indeed a hybrid vehicle. But I still hold to my original claim - that is ridicolous. And makes no sense. A Lexus SUV Hybrid. I mean, just the existence of that vehicle is an oxymoron.


Spiro said...

both strange.

Bec Shulba said...

while i do appreciate the randomness of this post, i also like your artsy side. :) thanks sharelle for thinking of us, your fans. it's why we like you.