Sunday, December 02, 2007

"Something in the way she moves...."

I know, the album cover is a little odd. But honestly, if you like James Taylor at all, you need to get this CD.

Normally, I am not into the 'live sessions' thing. But the acoustic sound in this one is just unbelievable. At work, we have this joke, because one day I caught Trevor just staring out the (foggy) window. I said "Trevor, what are you doing?", and he was just lost in the music. He says "I don't even know how he does that...." and just trails off in wonder. I sort of laughed at him, and then...

It happened to me.

I just got caught up in it. I know this is probably a function of nostalgia as well as James Taylor. That, and I am a sap. But still, it really is incredible. It comes on, and just makes me stop where I am. Some sounds and voices are just classic. And to me, this is one them. Go listen to it.
Better yet, come in to Starbucks, and I will put it on for you.


Rick said...

Be sure to check out James Taylor's acoustic Christmas album. I think you'd love it. The only crappy part is that it's really hard to find as an actual CD as its exclusive to Hallmark! (no lie!)


therachel said...

if only i was close enough to come to sbux and enjoy an eggnog bevvie and some JT with you...that's right, Taylor, not Timberlake.

Did I tell you I got the advent calendar? I'm just loving it! I also love that it will be re-usable for years to come.

Spiro said...

whenever someone says, "JT" in (obvious) reference to Justin Timberlake, I always have to say, "james taylor?"

Tyler said...

I've yet to hear the new album. But I can tell you that his voice always seems to carry me away to a beautiful place; I'm not sure where that place is but it's always just after dawn, the air is crisp and the fields are the greenest you could imagine(maybe it's Carolina?).