Wednesday, June 27, 2007

where have i been?

.novacom golf tourney.

Somehow, for some reason I was asked to participate in Novacom's first annual golf tournament. So I bought a glove. I played 18 holes on a PGA course and it was amazing. Where I lacked in golfing ability, I made up for in language. haha. That golf exam treated me right. I knew what they were talking about even if I didnt know how to hit the ball. In any case, the boys were nice to me and we had a great day busting around in the carts. The weird MJ glove pic? I don't know, it just happened.
.megan howie bachlorette.

You would think there would be a picture of Megan in her own bachlorette photos, but it appears that I don't have one. Sad. I am sure we can all see one soon on facebook. First we hit a pinata's head off at the Howie's. Watching grown women swing a bat at a pinata - now thats a good time. After, we went to a place downtown called the "Kino" cafe. There was Flamenco dancing and beautiful Spanish music. One of those places that doesnt look like much but lights up when filled with music, people and culture. It was nice to see a caveat of cultural life in the middle of the city. That and we had Sangria with some great girls, a good night was had.

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chRistie said...


LOVE the MJ photo! Its so entertaining, and so necessary because of your excellent golfing skills that were undoubtedly developed by your time in golf class at TWU.

You and I? Dinner sometime in the near future. I don't want you to escape to Europe before we re-live some English nostalgia.