Sunday, June 03, 2007

This weekend....

Apparently, the Trinity Human Kinetics department is onto something. For this one time in my life, they may have actually succeeded in promoting healthy living. Shaun Gaynor emailed out a list of hikes for this current year, and I called Matt to see if he wanted to go. I thought "hey, why not, I have the shoes and the shirt". This is how I decide if I can do things, based almost purely on apparel. Oh man.

So I spent my Sunday hiking up Cypress Mountain. The view was very rewarding, birds ate off all of our hands, and we ran down the mountain in snow. Literally - ran. I am not a "run down the mountain" type, but when its snow, it's good times. I can't say the same for the way up unfortunately. Snow makes it twice as hard to make every step without slipping. But alas - we got the joy on the way home.
An eventful weekend all in all:

Dublin Crossing Pub with Brandon, Lindsay, Geoff and Lavonne. Go to that Pub -its amazing. Then after Dinner - WONDERLAND Outdoor Golf, you might think I am kidding, but I'm not.

Breakfast with Heather Hastings
Packing with Lavonne
Closing Sbux with one man down (equals crazy times)


There you go, just what you always wanted, a detailed itinerary of my weekend. Oh wait, you never asked. haha. Oh well, you got it anyway. Isn't that what blogs are for? To show the eventful life we lead. Geez. The Camera is back, so photos are accompanying posts again. Hurrah! Posted by Picasa


Bonnie said...

I love that you share everything without anyone asking. You know we want to hear it! The way you wrote it, it sounded like the birds ate your hands off! It made me laugh. Thanks.

Bec Shulba said...

wow! what a weekend! i'm so impressed! how can i get on this list of hikes with these people??? if you're hiking...i want to be there!

chRistie said...


Just have to say that I must agree on your assessment of the Dublin Crossing Pub. I went there on the last day of finals with all the boys and had a glorious time simply because it was so beautiful (we sat in the corner with the throne).

AND! I also have to say that you and I simply must have a little "we're not actually in real school right now" party sometime. Because I miss you leaving your stuff in my room.

Oh. Lastly. I walked to the Starbucks in Walnut Grove a few days ago and remembered the GLORY that is the blended strawberry lemonade. Wow. All your inspiration Sharelle. Much thanks. :)

Rachel said...

the birds eating out of your hands just kills me. Excellent pic of you and Matt!

Tyler said...

I appreciate you my friend; you make me smile. I hope you know that.

Spiro said...

was that muchinsky? gets me every time. i think... "that's not bonnie's voice"

Spiro said...

in fact, imagine dowling saying that.