Sunday, March 04, 2007


Hey! Bonnie Dowling! What the Heck!?!?

I get a call today in the afternoon from Miss Kristina Janzen. She asks if we can go for coffee. I tell her that today was Matt and Sharelle date day, so it wouldnt really work. And she was like "are you sure you can't meet just for a few minutes". I am wondering what the urgency is all about when she says "hold on..." and passes the phone off to none other than freakin Abbotsford, surprise visiting from good ol' Winnipeg. Only Bonnie.

It is really true. Some things are just bettert as a suprise. We sat and drank coffee for a couple of hours at Ethical Addictions mid Saturday afternoon. Now, under normal circumstances, this little event would not have qualified as exciting times. In fact, if it was pre-planned it would have been borderline lame (I mean Ethical in Langley c'mon) But spur of the moment, friend showing up from out of town just for kicks - now THAT is a good coffee date. And as usual, with Bonnie and Kristina it was a pleasure. It was nice to be able to talk in person, without that pesky phone in the way. We all noticed how normal it seemed, to be sitting around and talking, as if we all lived in the same city. I liked that.
If this wasn't enough for random events in the day! I went downtown for date day with Matt, and we are walking along in Gastown when I full on slip on the pavement. This in itself - not too shocking, I am sure all that know me have witnessed at least one good trip/fall of mine. But the crazy part was:

I slipped on a Banana Peel!

True Story. I am not lying. Matt looked down and was literally shocked - "It was a banana peel! I didn't think that actually happened!" Anyway - you may not be surprised by these events, but I sure was. Then we stumbled upon a wonderful restaurant called "Joe Forte's Seafood and Chop House" which is apparently a Vancouver legend. They sat us up on the rooftop, which may sound strange in the winter, but was truly delightful. There were tiny lights and heat lamps around the table. It was preettty nice I have to say. So how is that for a day huh? I wouldn't call myself a lover of surprises but today, they sure treated me good


Christie said...

Life is good eh? I'm glad that the friendlies came to visit you and your wonderful self.

So about us having lunch sometime this week... let me know what works. I want lunch with you, please and thank you. :) Tuesday looks promising, although I have some tentative plans with the SB.

[NB: Notice the inclusion of the "S" in SB. Just for your information, lest you get confused.]

Okay. Back to Education homework of garbage for me. You have an endless array of methods you can use to contact me.

Bec Shulba said...

how did you get the four pics like that? i like. also, i downloaded a spektor song from ang. it's okay. haha. AND i'm thinking i'll have to try out this patio in winter thing - it sounds great.

therachel said...

Joe Forte's - you guys sure do have good taste, I'll say. The banana peel is a bit too much.

Also, Sharelle, I thought of you about 10 days ago when I saw 'Music and Lyrics' - Hughie G and Drew Barrymore. I know how much you love his dance moves in Love Actually (which I watched just 2 days ago), and if you haven't seen M & L yet, you should. There's some serious dance moves there. It's worth the admission price, if only to watch Hugh Grant break it down.

the tapered pant said...

can i just look cute in ONE picture?

Gina said...

Question: Was the Banana Peel one of the highlights of your day?