Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Keener Spirit #4

I am a Keener, yes I am
I say what? Oh! Yes Ma’am!
I ALWAYS do my poetry form
In fact I go way beyond the norm!
I love Keats, Byron, Wordsworth too
And in fact I am way smarter than you!

-by Katie Haworth

This poem is about me, and it was written on my computer by the girl that sits next to me in English class. I was calling her a keener, and she responded by saying that I was the biggest keener ever. pretty true. I went up (okay I volunteered) to read Byron's poem "Manfred", and while I was gone Katie wrote this poem.

Am I Keener? - As much as I would like to deny it, yes. Do I always do my poetry worksheet? - Again guilty as charged. Did I reformat the sheet and post it on ecourses for my class? - sadly yes. Do I love Keats, Wordsworth and Byron - yes. Am I smarter than you? - no!

There you go Katie - you are famous....


M-How said...

I dig the poem. One b/c it's true. And two, b/c keener is probably one of my favourite words.

Christie said...

Oh Sharelle. Being keen is great. I read the OED for fun, so whatever. Don't be ashamed of what you love! Ha ha. Katie Haworth is a very funny girl.

We'll have to have lunch again sometime because you are great. AND... I'm sure you need to spout funny comments about my SB lacking the S part of it.

Bec Shulba said...


Spiro said...

Keener: one of the greatest canadian words this world has yet to find out about.

and... sb no longer... s? i gotta hear about this.