Friday, January 12, 2007

The darker side of snow...

I am the first to love a snow fall, but I have to say, this time around I was none too pleased with our little snow dump. The Mazda 3 is totally incapable, so I have felt like a 15 year old for the past few days. Some unfortunate consequences:

1. Classic fall - absolutely classic. I was walking out of my English class with my favourite proffessor and her 4 year old daughter. I am laughing at their joke "hahaha" then...BAIL. Like feet up, on the ice. I heard an audible gasp. One of those moments that so brutal you have to laugh it at yourself.

2. Cabbies - Thursday morning, the Cab company that I called for 8.45 calls at 9.00 to say the Cabs aren't running. "Again something that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY" (catch that reference?). Anyway, all that effort to stay in Langley, and I missed my first class.

3. Cabbies - I went to EMS today to do a little game of Poetry Jeoprady. Yes, I know, biggest geek ever. But it went pretty well, considering they were grade 8's and all. Then, I'm outside waiting for the ol' cab to show up. An HOUR and a HALF later, they tell me someone is coming, who never did. I called in some back up (Gina and Matt), but literally got home at about 5.30, which is pretty brutal considering I finished at 2.30.

So, there is my snow rant. I realize its probably tame compared to most, those that had to sit in 3 hour traffic jams for example. Or the Pegger's who can't even leave their house for fear of getting instant pneumonia. But hey - I needed to rant....

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