Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April Playlist

So I kept hearing a friend of mine referring to his "dropbox" playlist. And I have dropbox, and there is lots of music I am loving right now. So I thought I would give it a shot too. I stuck to about 5 artists, so you get some range, and they're the ones on repeat for me recently.

Florence & The Machine 
Nothing really needs to be said here - we all know who Florence is. It's taken a while, but I'm totally into the new album now. These are my two faves.

  • Florence & The Machine - "Never Let Me Go"
  • Florence & The Machine - "Shake It Out"

I am so obsessed with these guys right. Ever since "We are Young", I just couldn't get enough of that anthem. Some say they're like Queen, others say Mika, and maybe even a little Lion King.  It's sort of odd and intoxicating all at the same time. There's a bit of poetry in this pop too. And I love that.

  • Fun - "Carry On"
  • Fun - "Some Nights"
  • Fun - "Why Am I the One"


Everywhere I go, I'm hearing this guy now. My friend bought tickets for his show for us a couple months ago. And now those $20 tickets are worth $150. But we're not selling them, we're going. I think that is evidence of how much I like this guy.
  • Gotye - "I Feel Better"
  • Gotye - "Eyes Wide Open"
  • Gotye - "Somebody that I Used to Know

"New Motown"
Not really a single artist, but something I'm loving recently. The "Motown resurgence". There is a lot more I could put on this list, but we'll start here. 
  • James Hunter - "Carina"
  • Aloe Blaac - "I Need a Dollar"
  • Mayer Hawthorne - "The Walk"

Of Monsters & Men 
Already posted about these guys. But I'm still loving them. The show got cancelled. I was heartbroken, but it's rescheduled, so here's hoping for the best.
  • Of Monsters & Men - "From Finner"
  • Of Monsters & Men - "Little Talks"
  • Of Monsters & Men - "Love, Love, Love"
  • Of Monsters & Men - "Six Weeks"

If you want all these songs as mp3's, send me an email. Remember that? When we logged into our email instead of just going on facebook?


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theRachel said...

Thanks for the Monsters & Men suggestion - loving them!