Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I really love fireworks.

I will go to great lengths to see them - drive long distances, sit in the rain, wait for hours to get a good spot.

I'm not sure why exactly. I think might be one of those things that still inspires wonder in me. I've seen them so many times. Yet, I still can get caught off guard by a new kind that I haven't seen before, or the way they shimmer against the sky. Then if I tire of that - I watch the way they reflect on the water - suddenly the ocean lights up with green, blue, red.

If I'm really lucky, there is music too. And one lone firework shoots up into the sky during the opening chords of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". It's just so magical. And it just kills me.

I guess it's nice to know I can still get caught up in wonder - put all my cynicism and irony aside for a few minutes.

Last night we stumbled upon a wonderful spot by Peace Arch border, along the rocks and enjoyed the American's 4th of July offerings. There were fireworks going and there were trains passing. It was pretty amazing.

I can't even wait for the symphony of fire. Summer is here my friends.

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