Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"This is What We Live For"

Last night was quite the game wasn't it? I've taken my seat on the bandwagon and it's a good seat. It was waiting for me from last year. Yup, I'm that kind of fan.

I've been thinking about this year's slogan:"This is What We Live For". It struck me the first time I heard it. I thought - how many people does that really apply to? How many people are waiting all season long for the playoffs, because this is really what they live for.

Now don't get me wrong. I was really into the game last night. My stomach was in knots. I really wanted them to win. I knew how sad I would feel today if they had lost. But then I started to read the status updates, and hear some "superfan" conversation and I realized - if the Canucks lost this game, it would crush these people. And I just wasn't sure what to think of that. I mean, I'm a superfan of a number of ridiculous things. So, on the one hand, I understand. I would be lying if I didn't admit I won't be crushed after July 15th when the last Potter film is released. I mean, it'll be the end of something huge for me. (Did I just compare the Canucks to Harry Potter? I sure did)

But then I realized something today. I'm kind of blue today anyway. Just one of those days where you feel the weight of things more heavily. And the thing is, at least today, it doesn't have anything to do with the Canucks. It has a lot more to do with what I really live for - and one of the biggest things is the relationships I have with the people around me.

This post is not meant to criticize the superfan, because there is one in all of us. There is one in me that will get louder as the playoffs go on. But sometimes it's just good to ask - what do we live for? Is it playoff season? The weekend? Our families? Our jobs? I went to a memorial service two weeks ago, where I was admonished to examine my priorities, and to re-align them if things had gone awry.

It might be crazy to say it - but I think every time in playoff season when I see that slogan I'm going to try and remember to ask myself: "What do I really live for?"


Geoff and Vonne said...

Word to this, I told you last night that I am "borrowing" that slogan for our youth group next year.

I should be so nervous that I can't eat on Thursday excited about what God is going to do more than I am what the Canucks are going to do.

Good word Sharelle

Wesley said...

Funny how I too reacted to this slogan the first time I heard it. I don't want to be superficial or super spiritual, but something just didn't sit right with me the first time I heard it. Several thoughts crossed my mind in that moment. What if this was really true for a lot of people. What if the Canucks lose? Would these folk's sense of value be diminished? Would their sense of purpose be lost? What would be their next pursuit or passion? Would it be abiding, lasting or disappear as quickly as those milliseconds between the time the puck passes the pipes and hits the back of the net.

Perhaps my own sentiments were best expressed in a recent interview I watched with the hero of game seven in the series with the Blackhawks, Alexander Burrows. Apparently two significant events happened in Alex's life just 24 hours apart - scoring the overtime goal in Game 7 and the birth of his first beautiful baby girl. The reporter posed the question. "Alex, how would you compare the emotion of those two events and how did they affect you"?

Without even a hesitation Alex responded. " I'm 110% passionate about the game and I play every game to win. But at the end of the day, it's still just a game. Being there for the birth of my daughter was an experience that I will never forget and has impacted me for the rest of my life."
This might be paraphrasing slightly, but it makes the statement no less poignant.

Win or lose, what will we have at the end of the playoffs. We'll still have each other. Further, whatever happens I'll still believe - in the Christ who redeemed me, loves me more than anyone in the world, and is preparing an eternal home for me. Now that's something to live for!!!

Tyler said...

Out of left field Sharelley strikes!! I just thought that I'd check in on how the "30 days" is going (or not going) and look at this pensive blog post...

I tend to view NHL playoffs as I would more civilized version of that grand old entertainment from our ancient western heritage: the gladiator battle! Hockey often gives people a reason cheer and get excited, give themselves a much needed cardiovascular experience (though I don't suppose the beer and greasy food helps out with this), and something to talk about. In my daily work life, I see hockey often taking on the form of a glorified version of the weather report: something to talk about (and feel like some sort of authority on the topic).

"This is What We Live For"? I truly hope that there are few people out there with lives so empty that this game of sticks and pucks is all that they have to fill it with. The sad reality is that for some it likely is. For most it is a seasonal passion that they enjoy while it is here.

I was more struck by the signs and banners admonishing us to "BELIEVE". Believe in what? In the Canucks??? Well, there's a blind faith.

Regarding your post, would you say that the NHL playoffs are your Lent? That is, a time to consider the deeper questions of life and death, of meaning and purpose...?

As for me, the playoffs are a good excuse to visit friends and family and have a good time yelling at the TV screen as we use something with no real significance to further something with immeasurable significance.

As my hero might say: don't love it since it doesn't really matter, just use it for that which truly does.

Thanks for the post my friend.

afterthoughtcomposer said...

well put.