Thursday, September 10, 2009

my long weekend...

(in a rare feat of creativity, I made a collage, or rather, the computer did, and I rearranged. click on it to see it larger)

confessions of a shopaholic & pimms lemonade with lavonne.
wedding with greek dancing
secret garden tea room
slip and fall
seattle outlets
forever 21
pints with spiro
compline with singing monks.
pretentious seattle coffee shop (endearingly of course)
waking up to a view of seattle – 19 floors high
bumbershoot music festival
mango lemonade
slip and fall.
new hipster hats (matt and sharelle)
franz ferdinand
american microbrews
houndstooth scarf

an excellent weekend (in spite of the double-fall clutziness). it's the kind of weekend to send out the summer with.

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ashleyalvina said...

i like houndstooth AND metric. Clearly we are meant to be friends.

Tyler said...

Oh, you crazy kids with your wild weekends! Sounds like you two had a great time; good stuff. Nice collage. I especially enjoy the two pics on the right. Mmmm... pretentious coffee.

Lana said...

that sounds like the best weekend ever! I love the hipster hats, particularly love the expression on Matt's face - priceless! ha.