Saturday, August 01, 2009

I usually wait until I am inspired to write....

No. this is not my photo. but it was titled "Back to the Future" in White Rock.
Thanks Flickr.

..but the inspiration seems to come in bits and pieces. And never whilst near a computer. Sometimes, I write random things in the moleskine, and then it never seem to make it to the screen.

Today, I saw on some one else's blog-roll that it's been four weeks since I have written. Although that is probably the worst motivation I can think of, it is causing me to write this.

So, I'm home.

I have been for a while now. But in truth, I am still coming to terms with it. It's strange really. Because most times I come home and I am ecstatic. The first sight of YVR makes me grin ear to ear. I don't know what was different this time. I don't love home any less, but it just seemed too soon or something. Or maybe that I had more "real life" to return to.

That being said, quite a few moments this week have signaled the return of
White Rock Love:

.being "missed" by my tea shop lady at Clancy's Tea Cosy in White Rock.
(this is a great story, more later perhaps)

.sunset at crescent beach.

.sunday morning farmer's market with locals selling fresh fruits & veggies.

.outdoor movie yesterday on the beach with the train passing in the background.

.flowers planted around the base of a lightpost at the beach.
(acutally, that was Laura's, but it's a good one isn't it?)

I feel quite consoled that it's returning. I am not loving suburbia yet. But, I am loving the suburbia August long weekend events happening this year. I think it's quite safe to say, I'll been back to normal in no time at all.


Bec Shulba said...

i understand what you mean about being inspired but not near a computer. i often write fantastic blog posts as i lay in bed trying to fall asleep. they never make it to the screen. but your fans appreciate your blog even when it's a 4 week wait. :)

Spiro said...

did you hear that? fans. not readers. fans.

we are all fans.

Laura said...

Wilhemina is at the top of my list too :)