Monday, June 15, 2009

From the UK....

Well hello everyone. As the title suggests, this post comes to you from the UK. I am sitting in Bath - en route to Wales with the Laura and Rita Van Dyke. Its not the most expressive picture, but our B & B owner snapped it on the ol' iphone and sent it this morning, so I figured I might as well post it. We are in Wells there, the smallest town in the city in the UK (most well known for the filming of British Movie 'Hot Fuzz' which I love).

This country does indeed hold part of my heart. We started in the bustling London, where we stayed at a very Hogwarts-esque hostel with wooden beds and massive staircases. We were sort of theatre gluttons, we watched The Phantom of the Opera and Romeo & Juliet in one day. It was preeetty great. We also went around the city, wandered in Hyde Park, went to the Poet's Corner to converse with our dead kindred spirits. It was quite lovely. We some transportation nightmares because the tube went out of service. We had to find our way back to the Swiss Cottage on random buses. We also went to Dover (to see the White Cliffs) and Cantebury for the home of the Chaucer's tales. Dover was a bit of a dissapointment, because the beautiful white cliffs were blocked by a massive port, but we read our poetry anyway. Cantebury was quick but lovely, and I had my first real English Roast while here, and it was perfect.

Next, we headed to Oxford to visit the graves of some great authors (Tolkien & Lewis) and visit their pubs, and Colleges. It was quite a crazy town, with students in robes everywhere. We saw also saw Harry's banqueting hall, and of course LVD & I were in raptures.

From Oxford, we headed to Glastonbury (no, not for the festival). Laura insisted that we go on this pilgrimage to see the 'beginning of Christianity in England' and where the Arthur legend begin. I was skeptical, but it was quite a interesting town, full of hippies, mystics and those interested in other worlds. It was pretty great being in small-town England again, and made me think so much of Capernwray.

Now, we are in Bath, here for a few short hours, en-route to Wales. We have been judged considerably, for our decision to go to Wales, but we are quite excited. Tomorrow, we go to Tintern Abbey and read Wordsworth's famous lines. I cannot wait. It has been a joy to travel with English Majors, who have a poem or some lines for every occasion, and are ready to read them with me. And yet, I also think of so many of you, the ones I lived with here, the ones I travelled with here, and I remember all the great times travelling brought us.

Please send me some thoughts of home. They will be much appreciated on this side of the ocean. You are missed & loved.


theRachel said...

I commented on facebook, but I'll say hello here too! HIIIII SHarelley!

Margaret said...

You three are too cute! What is this 'Harry's banqueting hall'? I feel I am missing something.

Thought you might like to know I'm reading the Canterbury Tales right now. And am definitely feeling some Europe envy. :)

Spiro said...

"who have a poem or some lines for every occasion" ummmmm... JEALOUS! (why am i not there with you guys?

Lana Vug said...

A Harry Potterish hotel? I need to see that one day! Must have been awesome. Sounds like your travels are going great so far. Will see you whilst watching Harry Potter when you return.

kate said...

I have never been to England. There is a slight chance I may get to go in November. You sure do make it sound wonderful. Traveling with English majors would be the way to do it, I think! I agree with what your friend Spiro said, ditto to her post!

Tonight I will watch Pride and Prejudice or Bridget Jones' Diary (depending on my mood)... & think of you...

Have fun!

Tyler said...

It's true, everyone ought to have an English major (or two) as a friend to enrich their life. Some of mine are in England right now.
p.s. All this talk about high class literature in Europe and I'm home reading "The Princess Bride"?