Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Top 5's...

When I was at Capernway, the cp's were usually doing one of two things: listening to Tiny Dancer or making a Top 5 list.

And it's back - now through the wonder of the World Wide Web - they are at it again. Making Top 5 lists. And since I now know that my readership depends on "frequent posting", I will post anything I have.

So, don't think of it as a survey on a blog, no no, it's a "Top 5" - and that is MUCH cooler. And hey, maybe go post your own. Some might call it a product of our ego-centric culture. I think those people are wrong.

Top 5 meals you've ever had:
1. Jack Daniels Ribs & Asparagus - Cactus Club (yes, a chain restaurant - suck it up)
2. Schnitzel at Schnitzelwert Schmidt in Austria.
3. Last night's steak and shrimp dinner at Matt's (I love dating a chef)
4. Lamb Popsicles at Vij's Indian Restaurant in Vancouver
5. Tacos with Matt- tenderized beef with special seasoning. Mmm....

Top 5 reasons you're glad for where you are:
1. The ocean
2. The mountains
3. People I love near me
4. My church
5. Free rent - its silly living with your parents, but being able to is pretty great, and having money for things like Europe.

Top 5 reasons you can't wait for what's next:

3. Because I am going to Europe in June - first meeting two amazing English majors, and then meeting Matt after. I can't even believe it, even as I write it. So excited.
4. Harry Potter 6!!! (why is this the only thing with exclamation marks?)
5. A summer without the guilt of school is going to be unreal.

Top 5 fears:
2. That I will end up alone.
3. Being away from academia too long that I become incapable of completing any further education.
4. That I won't be able to see outside of myself enough to love those around me (Matt, Friends, Family, Kids...ummm....)
5. Having kids - there I said it - I have crazy womb anxiety. It's true. But the fact that marriage is NOT on this list is a minor victory, so at least we are getting somewhere.

Top 5 things you are great at:
1. Ranting
2. Being a friend (I hope...)
3. Knowing where to get good fast food, in any given situation.
4. Apologizing
5. Starting conversations with strangers

Top 5 smells:

1. My grandma's cinnamon buns
2. BBQ's
3. Coffee
4. This cologne Matt wears - Joop - love it.
5. Clean laundry.

Top 5 buildings (whether you've stepped foot inside or not)
1. Capernwray Hall
2. Wordsworth's Cottage
3. Shakespeare's Globe in London
4. Childhood places. We moved a lot - so there is really no one place, but as a collective they are lovely.
5. Chatsworth Manor - (The Pride & Prejudice House) - 4 of my 5 are in England. That is ridiculous.

Top 5 purchases you've ever made:
1. Plane tickets- I calculate almost every major purchase in my life as where I could have gone with that money.
2. My travel backpack - it's pretty great.
3. My converse - but they were given to me, so maybe it doesn't count.
4. U2 - the best of 1990-2000.
5. Antique John Donne in York.

Top 5 things that have annoyed in the last week:
2. The amount of planning it takes to create a good lesson.
3. Not being able to be everything for everyone at the same time, and then feeling like crap about that.
4. My own incapacity to be alone - always driving somewhere because I hate being alone. So silly.
5. Always pulling out the wrong key when I have 12 things in my hands.

Top 5 things that have inspired you this week:
1. The sun coming out for the beginning of spring.
2. The fact that I made it through my first full week of "real" teaching (and got paid for it!)
3. How I seem to love Matt more as time goes by.
4. Travel plans for Europe coming together.
5. Starting to read again - and things I want to read...

So there you have it - this week's "Top 5" - maybe go write one. It's a fantastic waste of time if you have something more important to be doing. Or maybe just because....

*Some things have been removed, in the interest of not writing my entire soul on the internet. But you all read it already anyway...right :)


Margaret said...

"Things I want to read." I think that was a burn at you-know-what.

Rick Vugteveen said...

Lamb Popsicles at Vij's! Mmmmmm... Definitely in my top 5 dining experiences ever. If you and Matt want to splurge and dine there again just let Lana and I know.

theRachel said...

Does Matt read your blog? I hope so!

Megan Thiessen said...

I loved your top 5's, makes me feel more connected to you even though I don't see you as much as I'd like.

Bec Shulba said...

this type of survey makes me feel lame. i could never fill it in for fear of judgement. top 5 buildings? i don't know - what if i don't pick cool things? you, on the other hand, have shown us how cool you really are. and i am also reading harry potter 6. we should talk. :)

kate said...

These are amazing...
A few things
1. It is obvious you and Matt have a great thing going.
2. The part about the Thai kid named Kit-hilarious
3. It doesn't surprise me that most of your favorite places are in england and i only know you, well, via the internet.
4. I loved how you said that you measure the cost of everything in plane tickets for me it is either plane tickets or books. Last time I was in Chicago I bought a plane ticket worth of books!!
5. #! on your list of fears I totally get and the womb anxiety thing too. Only I would have to add marriage to mine. Maybe you can give me some tips on that one!

I loved reading your top 5's and I just may have to copy this idea!

Laura said...

great list. particularily the item regarding HBP - ohhh yes, July 17 will be a day to remember.

Tyler said...

If I were to make a top five list for today that involved things that made me laugh... that thing about the Thai kid would likely be at the top!