Thursday, January 29, 2009

twenty five facts...

I always feel this pressure, when I have things that I actually want to blog about. I feel like I need to write about them well. At the moment, these things include the start of the TOC life this week, and Lavonne's wedding on the weekend. I am pretty sure both posts will come in due time.

But not right now.

Now, I am going to follow the facebook-trend and post 25 random facts about myself. An incredibly lame thing to do, I realize, but it's a post, and I have to get past the pressure.

1.I have a teddy bear called "Scotty". There have been two versions before him. One got crunched in a garage door on a childhood sleepover. Yes, I still sleep with a teddy-bear, and not afraid to admit it.

2. I live my life with equal parts fortune and misfortune. I often lose things, but they are usually returned to me in very serendipitous ways.

3. I think it is a very horrible thing to show up at an event wearing the wrong outfit. I have even said it is the "worst thing". It obviously isn't the worst thing, but MAN do I hate that feeling.

4. I am an English major who doesn't read. I mean, I do read, but way less that I want to. I happen to also really like people. Its' hard to combine these interests (but not impossible. ha).

5. I don't like Dickens. (There I said it - judge me all you want, but he just goes on and on, and I don't like the million characters, I just find them irritating. I am going to live to regret saying this...)

6. "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey (circa 1981) is my current theme song. Thanks to Spiro. For the very reason she put forward: : I need a voice that is singing: "don't stop believing", and I need it "now more than ever".

7. I love Nick Hornby. I will read anything he writes. He is like the voice in my head, only "more accurate and with a better vocabulary" (10 points for that movie reference)

8. I like Harry Potter, and I mean a lot.

9. I love dancing at weddings. It's the multi-generational thing I think. It gets me every time.

10. I have zero sense of "interior design". I am counting on people wanting to come to my house to eat Matt's cooking.

11. I have never broken a bone. But I am very afraid that I will.

12. I love my converse. I feel like a whole different person every time I put them on.

13. I miss the "ding-dong" sound of the door opening in tiny shops in England. And I miss eating Cornettos from these shops.

14. I think that Fresh Ink cards are the best cards out there. If you ever feel down, take a trip to Hallmark and just read a few. You'll feel better, I know it.

15. As I get older, I discover more and more that I actually like foods that I thought I hated, only because I ate really bad versions the first time.

16. I eat a lot of fast-food. Way too much actually. It's a tough habit to break though.

17. I once had a t-shirt with overalls attached that had smiley faces on them. It was neon. I loved that shirt.

18. I find a lot of satisfaction in crossing things off lists.

19. I want my tombstone to say "friend". (Yup, I just went there)

20. When I don't straighten my hair, I look like a 70's boy.

21. I love Watermelon sour straws. When I buy them, I eat the whole pack in about 30 seconds.

22. I am an English teacher, who isn't very good at grammar.

23. When I was a baby, I had red hair. Sometimes you can still see a little in the sun.

24. I have a lot of rules about things, like "not drinking starbucks coffee in major city centers", and "always giving cards with christmas gifts". There are really too many to list here.

25. I am standing on the precipice of the rest of my life.

Whew. That was long, I am pretty impressed if you are reading this right now.

Okay, the idea is, if I tagged you on facebook, or if even if you are reading this on the blog - you go write your own 25, and then tag more people. I know, sort of just a "survey" and on my blog no less. But you kind of want to do it, don't you?


mel said...

i really loved this.
thanks for posting it up. i've been debating since i was "tagged" yesterday if i would dive into such an exposing list of things about myself, but after reading yours and realizing that nearly every one i've read has caused me to laugh out loud i thought, hey...i'll give it a shot. :)
can't wait to see you next week!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

stranger than fiction?

Margaret said...

I am curious as to what motivated the tagging in the facebook version of this post. I would have said this on facebook, but then I would have annoyed all those people with an e-mail. :)

Sharelle said...

yes, liz it is "stranger than fiction" and you do get 10 points - towards what, i don't really know :)

and marg - i don't know what inspired the tagging, and i kind of hate it, and kind of love it at the same time. it inspires a sort of weird "chain letter community" which can be irritating, but also can be illuminating. i don't know...