Sunday, October 19, 2008

Because I was getting sass....

Well tonight I got sass all the way from Costa Rica about not posting on the blog. So even though I don't have anything great to say at all, I thought I should post. As my accurate friend has rightly pointed out, I have not posted since August 14th. Yikes.

Things I like right now:

1) The Fall - right now, as I drive down the street, or walk on the path and the leaves crunch under my feet, I am reminded how much I love this season. It really is the most beautiful season in my mind. And I get to wear sweaters, and jackets. Try taking a drive down 16th avenue one of these days.

2) "And Then You" - Greg Laswell. This is a lovely song from Grey's Anatomy that I am listening to non-stop. I don't know why - but it calms me down. Its not amazing, but it seems to be what I need.

3) UBC Education Library - the lovely people of UBC education library post their unit plans online, for the mutual edification of all. It's a wonderful thing.

I can't think of anything more. My life is ridicolous. In all my university years, I don't think my life has ever been this ridicolous, which is really saying something.

But the PDP slogan is this: "I can do anything as long as it's temporary" or in the long lost words of Brenda and Gina at Lehigh: "I can do anything for two months". And that's all I have left. Here we go.

Maybe at the end, I will be fun again, and post random things. We'll see.


Megan Thiessen said...

yay a Sharelle post:) Good to hear an update & some of your favourite things right now. I'm proud of you for sticking it out - you're going to make an awesome teacher. Maybe I'll have to go back to school after all...

Bonnie said...

#1 - I love the smell of dead and decomposing leaves in the fall. Honest.

and #2 - "And Then You" is an amazing song. Thanks for telling me about it. It warms my heart. And so do you.

Good luck with the last 2 months!

Laura said...

yup, that is indeed better than the diving scene ... oh colin. and oh sharelle, for posting that! love.

Bec Shulba said...

what? you're not taking MY PDP slogan as your own? "what are they going to do? fail me?"

Anonymous said...

In my defense, that was purely a no-sass-intended email.

From Your Friend All The Way in Costa Rica