Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So my summer school semester ended, and I figured it was time to celebrate. So Matt and I took a little trip down to Portland. We discovered that this was the city for us. Basically, it can be summed up in these two words: books and beer. The largest bookstore in the Northwest, and scores of mico-breweries. We were basically in paradise. This city has the coolest culture, and was so fun to explore. We felt so at home there, like it was "our kind of city". That's a good thing to find.

Some Highlights:

.the sign which greets us upon our entry to America (in Lynden no less!).

This is some art work from the "McMenamins Kennedy School". This place is a school built in 1915 that is converted into a "resort". The Mcmenamins family owns these heritage buildings, and converts them into hotels/restaurants etc. These buildings are so perfectly executed with wonderful artwork and culture, paired with their own great tasting beer. Check out the website. These are cool places to visit. We are for sure going back to stay hit up more of these places.

Matt made me swing hold onto this trellis while he took a picture. I am not going to lie - it was uncomfortable, and the picture is sort of dorky, but the point is to showcase the beautiful brick building and detail in the place we stayed.

Sharelle at Powells Books
Sharelle in Heaven.
Four city blocks of books. A whole room dedicated to the classics.
Tess of the D'ubervilles - 1891 and Les Miserables - 1862.
My head spun, literally. I couldn't even focus. Beautiful, cheap books all around me.

Matthew and I in "Detention Room" - one of the converted school rooms which is a little sitting parlor. I posted this one because of his sly look.

All in all, a great trip. It's wonderful to re-ignite the travel spirit in your own backyard. I love exploring and finding new delights. And this trip certainly provided them.


Spiro said...

i'm glad you had such a great time in portland. thanks for stopping by, you guys are so much fun. OBAMA!

Stephanie said...

Glad you loved Powell's. I held a first edition Streetcar Named Desire there and was in heaven. I knew you would love Portland! Next time you come, let me know...I would love to take you to my favorite Mcmenamins (everyone has their favorite)..for me it is a toss up between the Hotel Oregon and Grand Lodge!
Take Care and glad to hear you have a break from school!
Steph Belt

Alyssa said...

I feel the same way about Portland... went there in May and could have stayed for good.

Tyler said...

Ah, Powells... I think this feeling that is rising inside of me is called jealousy. By-the-way, "vende librum" is latin for "sell books" and it's in the imperative form, which means it's a command of sorts as in 'hey you, sell books!'. Now you know.