Friday, April 18, 2008

.the peg.

This weekend Matt and I went to Winnipeg. We visited his family, and I got to see one of my wonderful CP's, Bonnie Dowling. Matt grew up in Winnipeg, so we took a little tour of his childhood spots. I must admit, my affection for the town is growing. The buildings are lovely, and the people are well, inexplicably great. However, not so great - getting almost blown over by the wind, and literally EATING dirt that blew into my mouth.

That being said, the words, and the laughter were irreplaceable.

*Disclaimer: to those expecting to see photos that point to some artistic glory, or even a shred of photographic thought (you know who you are...). Just forget it. I am not the photo taking CP. I never have been. These were a last ditch effort, twenty minutes before we left to at least have SOME pictures of our trip. We can't all have the same skills now can we? And the partially good ones - were taken by Bonnie*

Is that Bonnie and I "rowing" in front of the "Rialto" bridge in Venice?
Perhaps, or it could be the painting on the "Daly Burger". You choose.
Either way, I'm keen.
Are we still posing in front of the Rialto? Yup, we are. I don't even know....

I've always wanted to take Matt to Venice.
And now here we are, caught in a manufactured candid moment :)


Kristina said...

they aren't shit, but thanks for the disclaimer anyway.
all i wanted was to see your two faces together, and that is what I got. I am happy.

the tapered pant said...

aaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha those pictures just KILL ME. man. sharelle, you and I may have to represent, for an eternity, the last-ditch effort of artistic pleasure. and what seems to keep occurring is that all our ventures into the endeavor turn into something gloriously funny. i'm pretty glad you're falling in love with this town, today I thought about the agony of leaving here, I'm not sure how i'll handle it. And amen about the dirt-eating in the wind. I pretty much washed a beach out of my hair last night. friggen eh'. But the weather was otherwise beautiful and I thought "well, it's good enough." classic.

Spiro said...

i LOVE these.
i love you.
I can't wait to see you next week.

how hilarious is it that Bon lives in "little Italy"?