Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Hello My Name is Sharelle"

I got April Fool's pranked by Gmail! Pranked by an email service! I feel so ridiculous. Now I am posting about it, because it truly was a "Hello my name is Sharelle" moment.

On Sunday, I went to check my Gmail and there was a link that said: "New! Gmail Paper". So, I was a little curious and clicked on it. It said that Gmail had a new service where they would print any emails you wanted and send them to you free of charge. There was little pictures and testimonials and what not. I actually told Matt about it, thinking that it was pretty crazy that the service was free.

The service isn't free, because it doesn't exist! I actually looked for the "Paper" button in my account and couldn't find it. I wanted to click it and get one sent to me. Seriously.

Today, I signed in and it said "Missed our April Fool's Day Joke? - Click Here". So I did, only to see that I had been scammed, and fully did not know it. Now you might be wondering why I am spending time clicking Google links. Great question, I would like to know myself actually. It's the fine art of procrastination. Did anyone else get sucked in? Please tell me if you did. Oh wait, you probably aren't spending your time clicking on google links...right.


Bec Shulba said...

you're awesome.

the tapered pant said...


Rachel said...

I usually don't read the things on the gmail home, but the paper one caught my eye a bit. However, not enough to actually click on the link. Then on Monday or Tuesday I noticed the "missed our April Fool's Day Joke?" link and it all made sense. Don't worry, if I had paid a bit more attention, I would've been dying to get my emails sent to me too, Sharelle. I love paper - and mail!

Brandon said...

Nice article sis!

thekate said...

um...yes. I too was sucked in.
I didn't think anything of it beyond that day, and so did not know until I read your post that it was bogus. thanks for that.
At the time, I thought, "That's weird." I believe I even said it out loud, to my good friend the computer. "Who would want such a thing?" I wondered.
Apparently, you. :) And apparently I am a sucker.