Friday, December 08, 2006

This is just getting ridiculous….

Okay, I am that person I just never thought I would be.
In the middle of studying for exams, I have found yet another source of online procrastination.

I got Facebook.

Yes, I know. I now have a blog, a myspace, two email accounts and facebook. It will be a wonder if I communicate with anyone in real life.

Funny anecdote about facebook – I got a little confused during the profile and instead of typing that I was a woman, I typed that I am interested in women. Uh oh. Now I think facebook informs everyone when I change something. So all of my friends (which currently stands at a grand total of 3) will see that in one day I changed from being interested in women to men. Good thing for Matt....

Oh geez. That’s what I get for adding yet another internet communication device.

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Christie said...


Life is amusing Sharelle. Congrats on sinking to my level of procrastination.