Monday, May 22, 2006

And you thought I was dead...

So, it seems that I have become the blogger who doesn't blog. Sorry about that. Ever since Merton finished, life kind of got carried away with me. Here is a quick catch-up - after Merton - went to Whistler, next weekend had Rachel Jahner's wedding. It was great times, and particularly wonderful to see all those girls again. One of those weddings that seemed more like a fun party than a wedding.

With these "old friends" I had some wonderful conversations. So I came to the conclusion that our past will always be a part of us. Now, this does not mean we should live in the past, but we should be aware that it informs how we act today. There is beauty is watching people grow, but there is also beauty is seeing where they came from. Perhaps the most fun is noticing the little kernels of themselves that will always betray exactly who they are.


Christie said...

Glad to hear you're not dead.

How is your time with Merton going?


dariansgirl said...

the kernels that will always betray who they truly are...i couldn't say it so profoundly (i'm someone's mom, not a poet like yourself) but that night, my soul resounded so strongly that exact same sentiment. it was great to see you sharelle, i will look back fondly at our summer "on the hill" outside the chapel. love ya.