Sunday, March 12, 2006

Do you ever worry that you watch too many movies?

Because I know I do. It's strange to me, because there was a time when watching too many movies wasn't ok. We were told that we must "play outside" or "get some fresh air". Movies were the very last resort for an activity. And now - such is not the case. In fact, there is even a possibility that if you love movies enough, you can be labelled as a "movie buff" and in this scenario its more than fine to watch a movie. Heck - its your hobby! Could I be in this category? Probably not, so alas, I just watch a lot of movies and am not the said "buff".

Yet, there is something to watching a good movie, one that actually makes you stop and think. You know, question your way of thinking, understanding and all of that. Which is not to say that I always watch movies of this nature. But I guess I do quite a bit.

Now its my turn to ask: Blogworthy? Doubtful, just thinking and wondering what some fellow movie watchers might add..


Before anyone can think of a sassy comment, it has sjp and mcconaughey. so shut it.
2nd time round - for ethics class, good movie this one.

Once again, ethics class - this movie is great. The visual effects, and the ideas. I love how it begins with the "not too distant future" instead of 2010. Because, it can still remain valid. In case you can't read the tagline: "There is not gene for the human spirit". Good movie, bad tagline.


Kathryn said...

Was "Failure to Launch" good? I wanted to see it because of the casting as well. And hey, you're a "movie buff" to me, so watch away without guilt.

Spiro said...

i love gattaca, oh yes i do.